RooshV just posted a video on how he makes coffee with an aeropress coffee maker at home.

I heartily second that.

First, some background. You may be familiar with the Aerobie, a flying ring that was for all intents and purposes a frisbee on steroids. Much slimmer, and you couldn’t do ski[-tricks with it (duh) but it could go ridiculously far. A cousin lost one in the ocean because he threw it into the offshore breeze, and with the combination of lift from the breeze and the relative lack of aerodynamic drag it just kept going, and going, and going…..

You really could, with practice, and a little tuning of the curve, accurately play catch along the full length of a football field.

Well… the same designer decided to turn his mind to making the best possible cup of coffee. And what he ended up with combined some aspects of a french press (but far easier to clean, and filtered, with no grounds slurry) and air pressure to make ridiculously smooth espresso-strength coffee that can be watered down to regular coffee strength (add more hot water after the fact), or taken straight. It’s not as smooth as cold-brew can be, but you also don’t have to have some made ahead of time.

After playing around I personally just use two scoops Trader Joe’s coffee I grind at the store as I don’t like fiddling with grinders, at a drip or slightly rougher grind, and typically fill up closer to the “three” mark. Other than that, the video is an excellent “how to” if you have any questions on what the very short manual says. Unlike a french press, cleanup is exceedingly easy as it almost cleans itself. Uncap the filter retainer, pop the grind pick into the trash or compost as you wish,  pull back the piston, rinse.

It’s also excellent for a hit of ice coffee that’s not watered down regular hot coffee over ice. I use a tall, solid, drinking glass and fill it with ice, and make the coffee directly into it. Some of the ice melts, but that only dilutes it to a regular coffee strength.