I'd posted the other day about the effort to socialize kids to a certain view, and as an addendum, to show how long it had been going in, had mentioned Devon Stack's recent Black Pilled video regarding the Stepford Wives. A crucial plot point is when our "heroine" realizes her friend has given in to the evil patriarchy when she actually starts keeping her house clean, cooking, etc.

Exact claims aside, I know for a fact that one of the most common complaints feminists have against cleaning, replete with "I'm not your maid", is that it is supposedly a feminine stereotype that women do this. And maybe, when it comes to "nesting" type cleaning during pregnancy, there's truth to that in some ways.

Nevertheless, is cleaning really a feminine thing?

Sure, maybe the individual household... though I've known more than a few ladies who well into adulthood had never learned the value of keeping order in place and mess out. But I think the most you can argue is that it's only certain types of cleaning that are stereotypically female.

Take janitors.

For that matter, if something needs to be truly clean - electronics clean room, an entire school or campus, an entire building, the stereotypical janitor is... male. The people who design the systems with a fanatical attention to detail? Male.

Much like chefs, when you need it done at scale, in job lots, or in an extremely exacting manner without the immediate tangible rewards of maintaining your own space, drudging on for hours.... call in the men.