The series on HBO has come to an end, and while in some ways it suffers from the usual dragging pace of binge-watch oriented series, and the previously mentioned "lets make a representative scientist character, who know more than all her coworkers, a woman" - significantly toned down after the introductory episode - is still a solid retelling of the Chernobyl disaster. The infogalactic article is a long one covering the accident in more depth as well as alternate hypothesis regarding the sequence of events and responsibility/issues.

Long story short - a perfect storm design flaws, piss poor training, and decisions made in order to be "politically correct" rather than actually be safe.

Heck, the last episode can be watched alone for a decent recap of the causes and sequence of the accident.

It also has in it a damning indictment of the soviet/socialist/Marxist ideologies and the systems it produces. The KGB director discussing "we have 'our' truth" jumped out at me for being a nearly throwaway line.

The left has never cared for objective truth, and has always lived off of forcing people to tell lies. As Legasov notes in the show - at some point reality catches up.

I'm sure some on the left will see the discussion of the cost of lies and think "Trump" rather than 37 flavors, or genders, or whatever, or the way 23 and me's very business model is at odds with Mary Beard's belief in black Romans or the typical leftists refusal to even consider average racial IQ or other demographic personality differences. I know some on the left will still say "fucking Russians" as if  the problem wasn't a shared ideology that lives on in the west that talks the same cant of "our truth" and conformity, not being allowed to gainsay the politically desired pravda.