I discovered this statement by Charlie Daniels courtesy of Peter Grant.

Any conversation about what is wrong in America usually starts and ends with scathing criticism of the men and women we send to the National and State Capitols to represent us and handle the business of running our nation. And while it’s true that a wide river of guilt as deep as a horse’s bridle flows out of Washington, DC and the various and sundry centers of political power around this nation, can we take a deep breath, pause and consider a much overlooked but pertinent fact?

A nation’s greatness is not reckoned by the caliber of its politicians, but conversely the greatness of its politicians is reckoned by the caliber of its people. Politicians are a reflection of the people who put them in office, the end product of our needs, our desires, our greed, our selfishness, our ever-increasing permissive attitude toward society, our willingness to tolerate issues and policies we know are detrimental to the nation as long as it doesn’t effect us directly.

I’d like to address one point. “Politicians are a reflection of the people who put them in office“.

And when the people are changed, not just by the vagaries of time and cultural shifts, but by importing people who do not believe as the existing culture does, with different values of everything from what constitutes fair dealing, to theft, to rape, down to the most important of whether man is responsible for himself or is to be ruled by his “betters”?

What then?

I know from my own family and other’s I’ve seen, even of European descent, that some attitudes, whether subconsciously transmitted or genetically averaged by population, carry on, and surface, and are antithetical to the ideals of free Englishmen and the Bill of Rights.