After a long hiatus, I'm writing again.

As to why I stopped - I realized I was constantly miring myself into point and shriek. It is one thing to use current events to fuel a discussion of principles, systems, and patterns. It's even valid to point to those as bad examples. It is another to constantly find oneself tearing apart hot takes one step removed from "destroyed this viewpoint with a single statement" style clickbait. I had really run out of any useful commentary on things beyond pointing at current events. If anything, the last year or so has, if anything, often shown how little my previous posts needed to be updated to still be relevant.  

It's fair to ask - what changed?

I feel the itch again.

Will I address current events? Sure - I care about truth, and we will post on trying to suss out what is true and correct. But I'm more likely to spend time elaborating on what friends and people I respect are bringing up, many of them at Substack, such as Alexandru Constantin at the Dacian, Alex Macris at Arbiter of Worlds as well as Contemplations on the Tree of Woe, and Alexander Hellene at his substack. I want to help offer a solution to the problem of our culture wars and the ongoing denial of even the existence of an objective reality, and if I am not the fiction writer my friends are, at least help them out, and give a baseline for appreciating what is true, beautiful, and good.

Substack will not be my only venue. No, you won't see me much on social media, as it is mostly a time-sucking cancer. Nevertheless, I refuse to be dependent on someone else's "free" platform, and all future posts on Substack will also appear at my blog The Last Redoubt.  Feel free to dig through the archives.

So please, bookmark this site, and subscribe to my substack.

Thank you all.