I'm not ready to dismiss the bombings as a pure false flag, or to claim that Soros paid for it - including the one sent to him - but I do find it a bit odd. No, not the "insuffucuent postage" or "why no stamp" claims. Obviously, despite it being a day or so since the first of them was delivered this week, the details are coming in, and the media being what it is, I trust the "facts" available very little.

I know, people are already decrying the "violence" and blaming it on Trump and his incivility (hmm... anyone remember fake anthrax powder, sarin, explosives, etc being sent, even recently, to the current administration, the president's family and non-leftists? No? Funny....).

Hey, I know, perhaps we should just say that for once, Hillary was right - no point in being civil with those opposed to your ideals and way of life. Because beatings, angry mobs chasing politicians around, assaults, bike locks, and shooting up ball games are just simply "uncivil" and no more. Ditto enactments of beheadings of political leaders. True in an utterly pedantic and literal sense but deceptive.

Snark aside though - seriously?

I know, I know, if you watch Colbert you'd be hard pressed to imagine that the left is violent in any way and it's all eebil right wingers that are angry all the time. Just ignore all of the hoaxes reported as hate crimes - or the hoax rape claims - or who actually perpetrates the assaults and upon whom. The list gets so long that it's obvious who has the better self-control and can delay gratification vice acting on impulse. Even the notable acts of vandalism/destruction like "Sky King", he was careful to make sure no-one else was injured.

Nevermind that the even nuttier end of the nutjob left is also unhappy with Hillary and Co., and bombs and poison tend to be a leftist / anarchist thing.

So what right winger would be stupid enough to do this at a time when, if it could be proved to be a right winger, could boost democrat participation in the polls in November? It's not like there was a recent event where democrat politicians did anything particularly notably bad - and even if you're thinking "Kavanaugh" , who won? And if it was something further back then why not put it off until after the vote to see if the left was already in tears and awash in a sea of pain for the lack of a blue wave?

It's not impossible a moron right winger nevertheless smart enough to assemble and mail several bombs did this at the worst possible time at no instigation, but the timing relative to root causes to respond to is off. The timing relative to the voting window also fits all too well for an "October surprise" but nothing else that would weaken or hurt Democrats, even if it had "succeeded" in getting someone killed. The nature of the threat - explosives, and shoddy ones at that - is off. For that matter, the history of the last few years would leave one to believe "a bomb was sent" should be almost automatically be followed "by a leftist".

For that matter, given the higher degree of discipline and demonstrated restraint and patience, I'd think that it would have been better timed, better delivered, and with several packages deployed, actually managed to hurt or kill someone if done by the "right".

So I don't know who did it, if it was someone pissed at the people the packages were sent to, or not, but the assumed narrative of "angry right wingers" just stinks to high heaven.

Update: Again, I'm not claiming this is an false flag, but I found the following insulting comment hysterical.

OK, they're definitely false flags. No one cares about CNN enough to attack them

Update the Second: Looks like the bombs were basically fakes. No caps, no complete circuits, etc., and reported as such by law enforcement in at least a couple cases at this time.

Which brings me back to my point that if a right-winger was going to do something like a bombing that would create some sympathy for the left this close before an election, they are far more likely to have made sure they were actually functional explosives.