Recently had an opportunity to actually converse with a leftist about things, and they expressed cautious hope that some of Trumps picks were not too bad, all things considered. Didn’t understand why so many people were losing their minds, and figured the position deserved some respect even if someone didn’t respect the individual in office. So I pointed out that yeah, it was a shame that so many had bought into hysteria fueled by lies.

The reply was basically “what?”

I mentioned pointed out the media was full of lies during the election – colluding with the Clintons, and outright lying about what they present. I mentioned in passing wikileaks, press collusion, and laid out the CNN story about BLM where they cut a video off to present it as a “call for peace” but left off the call to burn down other people’s neighborhoods.

…. and immediately was taken to task for paying attention to “angry right wing sites” and conspiracy theories.

Yup. An easily found egregious editing cut used to completely misrepresent what happened is dismissed out of hand, without checking to see if it’s true.

Yes, they live in a bubble, and no, they are not interested in hearing anything else.