On top of deciding that a major project of moving my blog over was a good idea – which decision I stand by, it was necessary to be done at some point, and getting everything cleaned up made it crystal clear how much more difficult this would have been if google nixed my account – the weather is not cooperating and now I’m making preparations to evacuate with no idea, as of the latest tracks, of the storm will go to the west of me, right over me, to the east/north of me, or stay out at sea.

In most ways, the last two would be best (the last best for everyone) but if it tracks back further west than expected this morning as the more recent tracks show, right up the Florida coast and through Georgia, we’ll still get a heavy dose of the typically stronger north/east side of the storm, and the region has seen far too many rainy days the last month, and even an hour or two long storm leaves standing water in yards for a day.

So, after a year of blogging five times a week, I have to fold, and take a step back for a few days. I’ll post what I can, but this will not be a priority.

To everyone affected by all this, and of course in TX, my prayers, and be safe.