I remember one of the questions asked when Jill Stein began her recount efforts was “why oh why is someone who loudly and repeatedly proclaimed that electing Hillary was tantamount to to begging for a nuclear war doing so much to put her in power?”

I didn’t have an answer myself at the time, and still don’t, but given the results of these efforts, part of me is wondering if this is not epic – level black knighting.

Our other alternatives include so gloriously incompetent that, like Inspector Clouseau, things work out (in this case, for us) despite her best – or worst – efforts to foil us.

Think about the fallout. The most recent news from Michigan related to the recount is that they will likely pass a voter ID law. The recount itself has – with the exception of one very oddly mis-sent set of voter registrations – solidly validated that the election night results were representative – and thus, validated Trump’s win. Worse for the Democrats, it’s uncovered arguable corruption and vote fraud so bad that recounts had to be nulled from several Detroit precincts because ballots in the form of signed, certified ballot boxes listed as showing hundreds of votes contained only 50 ballots.

So someone who is supposedly asking for a recount to help Hillary has managed to instead underscore the vote results were legit insofar as Donald and he won those states, that there was cheating by Democrats, reinforced the need to ensure only legitimate votes are cast, and walked away with a bunch of spare change.