The elft is going nuts over the boy scouts, 40k strong, cheering the president on at the national jamboree:

Trump could barely make it through his prepared speech as it was regularly interrupted by shouts from the audience. One scout yelling “I love you” to the president sent the crowd into the aforementioned chant. Trump applauded their efforts and asked, “Did President Obama ever come to a Jamboree?”

The crowd jeered loudly and Trump promised to come back again.

They’re terrified. That’s 40 thousand kids, many of whom will grow up *not* being leftists and good little progs. Some hilights of the speech below:
As an aside, remember when “the children are the future” (teach them well, etc..) – odd, in retrospect, from a crowd that uniformly seems to believe that children are an inconvenience, and that hedonism, feminism, and promoting gay and hedonistic lifestyles, all without kids, is the order of the day.