I’ve been introduced to a new blog that I’ve enjoyed so far at Walker’s Retreat. One of his latest posts notes the following on why SJW’s are going to scream and cry even more, and why they, if anything, will be even more dangerous.

When someone feels backed into a corner, they get dangerous because they see nothing to lose and all to gain. (It’s why Sun Tzu said never to put your enemy there, on Death Ground, but instead to always leave him an out that takes him where you want him to go.) The SocJus cult (et. al.) feel this right now, despite it not being reality (yet), so they’re already pushing each other to greater extremes- first with Rhetoric, and then with actions. If we remember that this cult acts like a rabid rabbit warren, then we can predict who’s likely to break first and start some shit- and who’s going to be egging them to do it.

It’s a good observation. It also explains why they failed with Gamergate, as the observation had been made even at that time that, had the SJW’s been so inclined as to leave anything be, they could have, and never provoked the ire and blowback.

They don’t just want us irrelevant, they want us gone.