A few more things tumbled out after the fallout from Charlottesville and my previous post.

Namely, the far right.
Unfortunately, Vox already [did an excellent post](http://voxday.blogspot.com/2017/08/the-fake-right.html) following up on a point he made during a darkstream.
> The most common error is to postulate a Communist left-wing extreme opposed by an extreme Nazi right wing. Not only does this leave out a substantial body of political and philosophical thought, but the construction falls apart the moment the two socialist ideologies are compared. Any reasonable comparison inevitably forces the confused advocates of such a definition to assert that the spectrum is actually a circle, in which case the terms left and right, much less left-wing and right-wing, are wholly nonsensical.
This is one of Vox’s dialectic posts – we’re not going to convince anyone that Dems R the real Nazis, or Nazis are really Dems (though ragging on how Antifa and commies hate Nazis because only killing 20 million makes them posers is fun…)
The funny part is that no matter how you define left-right by modern standards – either by nationalism vs globalism, or by authoritarianism vs not, we are, indeed, the far right.
Sure, multi-axis charts have [been done before](https://infogalactic.com/info/Pournelle_chart), but I believe it was Col. Kratman who noted that if you plotted most philosophical leanings on said charts, you’d end up with a very stretched ovoid distribution with a few outliers skewed diagonally through the chart.
And if one considers that the inherent decentralization of nationalism vs globalism requires less authoritarianism to some small degree, if only in total scope of humanity rather than how perniciously it extends through any subjects life, even that axis maps, roughly, to a very small part of the state-individual axis.
As I alluded to in [discussing moderates](http://thelastredoubt.com/2017/08/moderates-and-tru.html), the commie big lie of the far right is that it posits the Nazis as the rightmost anchor, and totalitarianism and socialism (but I repeat myself) as a given.
That is a ground assumption that can be challenged, as well as the kindness of socialism. “One hundred million isn’t enough, we need to aim for two?”
Or not – I’m not a good rhetorician, though I’ve gotten better.
In either case, it doesn’t matter if you use the european axis the left likes to use, or the US one, we are, indeed, the far right.
Well beyond it in fact.