Jon Del Arroz is posting in support of John Wright’s crusade, and decided to highlight nine christian artists he thought worth supporting in the fields of writing, comics, and music. Looking at the list, I realize that I only recognize three of the names. Now, three I don’t recognize are in comics, which I’m not as familiar with, but not only had I not heard of Nadine Brandes under writers, but the only musician I had heard of, in passing, was Dashboard Confessional.

I can wholeheartedly recommend anything and everything I’ve read by John C Wright, and having read Nethereal and just finished Souldancer I will also strongly recommend reading those two as well, as well as trying anything else by Brian Niemeier. The cosmology, the characters, the totally off the rails mashup of magic, technology, and horror of the series is utterly amazing.

Looks like I’m going to be digging into a bit more music.