Mike Cernovich asks this in a recent periscope cast available at youtube:

As he introduces it, he’s not quick to name people evil. And he discusses three recent cases. One, the creepy and twisted comments about his baby girl, the recent airplane kerfluffle on a jetblue flight where Ivanka Trump was accosted, and finally, SJW’s going after Richard Spencer’s mom. Not brought up, but the numerous [attacks on Ivanka Trump’s fashion line](https://voxday.blogspot.com/2016/12/fake-reviews-as-sjw-weapons.html) with blatant fake reviews at Amazon.

Yeah, I know, there’s plenty of people who’d go “well Spencer deserves it”. Well, if you want to tell him he’s wrong – I think alt-white is too focused on the white than the civ and he doesn’t understand how to work the press or is stupidly looking for “respectability” – feel free, but the point is it’s not Spencer they are going after, not directly.

They’re trying to run his mom out of business.

It is indeed one thing to go after people in the game. Richard, Mike, Trump. It’s another thing to accost mothers, children, and grandchildren. To harass them, or to ruin their lives and their livelihoods. All over someone they have no control over.

What kind of character in a movie torments, tortures, or threatens a relative – a child, grandchild, spouse, parent, or even a pet – an innocent who is not a willing participant in “the game”, in order to make another character bend to their will?

A sociopath. A bad guy.

Congratulations fucktards, you leftists have become the bad guys. The puppy-killers. The ones holding children hostage to your unstable temper.

Fuck you.