Via MOTW: Censorship, and why it matters.

Facebook has ended a private group. They have decided that the ideas discussed, shared and questions asked by the Right are so dangerous, that they must be ended. According to some others in the comments of that, and other posts, Facebook has ended numerous Private Groups today.

So, what does social media censorship have to do with a book about Germany from 1933-45? Well at the risk of being obvious, it is about the people who are not being censored thinking that they are free. The ones not having their groups and friends suspended think that they are free. The people who agree with the transgender, BLM, Climate Change Commies don’t see that the people being told repeatedly that we are wrong, are the ones being censored. So, for them, there is no censorship. The voices that they want promoted are being promoted. The voices that they don’t want to hear from are being shut down. This means everyone is more free!

It has been said many times that “Antifa are the real fascists.” They laugh at this idea and as they scoff, they declare, “Antifa means Anti-Fascists! We can’t be fascists.” I agree with their response. They are not fascists. They are the same Communists that they have always been. The authoritarian actions that they are taking today are not exclusive to Nazis. These actions are seen every time that authoritarians of every stripe move to take power. This is not about name calling. This is not about freedom of speech or assembly. This is about the Corporate Authoritarian push to control the nation. If you don’t think this is an issue, I recommend the TV show Continuum. The premise of that show is that the Corporations run the world. Governments still exist, they are just powerless to do anything without the corporations. That world is what we are seeing fall into place today with Facebook and Twitter deciding that only “acceptable” opinions will be allowed, even in private.