Both Bradford Walker and the Z Man cover the recent TV spot saying it's OK to punch Nazis. The one that was quickly pulled, from what I've heard.

A video with a bunch of thuggish looking white guys smashing and flipping cars (1), wearing not-yellow red traffic vests (2), with a smirking guy resembling Richard Spencer waving his hands as if orchestrating it (3). As the black guy walks away, the white guys in vests beating up random people and police cars on fire/damaged, he discusses punching out Richard Spencer without warning, with a beatific look at the thought of Spencer getting hurt. Meanwhile, the white guys in the background are waving American flags (4). Our hip-looking narrator comes to the conclusion that it's OK to punch out Nazis, proactively, to prevent them from speaking.

See the wizardry:

1) Hey, I'm surprised they didn't hire Nigerians for that racist hate crime shit that they can't find enough white guys to actually commit. But it's acting. Hey, plenty of broke actors in Hollywood will take some cash for camera time.

2) French Yellow Vest riots with an anti-globalist bent portrayed as eeeebil by association.

3) Those eeeebil white nationalists / alt-right white supremacists (nevermind that Spencer isn't right wing or nationalist, and he's a moron) are orchestrating all this untouched.

4) Far from the first time they've tried to paint people who respect and cherish the flag as eeebil racists. In England/etc., flag waving of any sort is looked on with suspicion.

From Walker's post:

In short, we're not talking about a signal to just repeat what happened to Richard Spencer. We're talking about inciting mobs to go after groups, swarming them as we see so often in Colin Flaherty's videos about American black violence; it's just going to start with increased episodes of high-profile sucker-punch attempts. Yes, "attempts", as we shall also see more incidents of attackers getting checked, injured, or killed doing so when they go after targets willing and able to defend themselves. The consequences of this escalation is intended.

Z Man steps back and reminds us that it's part of the brewing civil war.

Again, America is a land where books are banned, people are given long prison terms for holding unpopular opinions and the livelihoods of contrarians are destroyed. This is a land where gangs of roving mobs, financed by billionaires, commit violence against citizens without consequence. Now we have a major television network calling for violence against whites and celebrating violent acts against a specific person. All of this was thought to be impossible ten years ago. What impossible thing will tomorrow bring?

He's not kidding. Just do any search for people related to the Trump admin being run out of public spaces (including one federal politician exhorting a crowd to do so). Or Trump supporters being beat up. Or one organization campaigning to have companies never hire anyone associated with the Trump or Republican admins. Related to the above point 4, and why I titled this "they hate you," - it's not actually the video clip in and of itself and the links it tries to draw.

They hate the very things we value, and must ensure we cannot show our love for them. A New Hampshire teen forced to cover up her Trump shirt, and remove her MAGA hat on her school’s ‘patriotic day’. In another case, a school suspended two students for posting snapchat images of themselves visiting a brother's gun range.

No, they didn't post threats, and if you're tempted to say "just a rogue/stupid employee" - it required a busybody snowflake parent, and a senior official at the school who thought it was a good idea and got no pushback from his fellow teachers, who also likely thought there was nothing wrong in suspending the kids for touching icky guns. Teachers and administrators like that have been a plague at schools the last decade. Shockingly, the ACLU sided with the students and is helping them sue.

The litany of college lecturers being assaulted has gotten tiresome, but a recent case is notable for allied people in the crowd shouting "hands up don't shoot" after he threw a bottle of chemicals designed to smell like bleach and thus committing assault and battery/aggravated assault, nevermind if the chemicals had been "real".

Connect the dots. The people who took the time to cut together that video, and the kids in that last mentioned crowd, all think they are innocent of any crime after attacking someone, because those people deserved it.