In a recent discussion of modern media I noted that while there was a fair bit of anime that I did like, I had gotten a lot pickier about what was actually worthwhile and what was just trash. In and of itself, so what.

I followed that up though by noting that while there was a degree to which some old movies fell to childhood nostalgia disorder - they were fonder in my memory than the actual quality deserved - and others were better movies than I recalled, the number that were just outright ugly or propaganda, or excused or outright promoted degenerate behavior, shocked me.

Anyone remember Brokeback Mountain from the 90's? Still haven't seen it, still don't plan to.

But I did get sucked into watching Pleasantville. That said, given the recent law changes in New York, and proposed laws in VA, perhaps a look at Cider House Rules is in order.

Courtesy of Black Pilled:

I don't think I've read any John Irving, and since he wrote the book the movie was based on, I have no intention of starting now.

I think more attention deserves to be focused on how, like many movies of the period and since, it portrays an adventurous adulterous fling as a good thing.

Also, for a bit of masterful, and literally Satanic, propaganda, his video on the movie Pleasantville is definitely worth your while. I'd seen this movie and had caught a number of the allegories, but had missed the visual metaphor for multiculturalism, and despite some familiarity with the occult, had only vaguely caught the outright satanic inversion of the garden of eden story.