I first saw this over at Peter Grant’s blog.

Now, other than being cool, If true (the article I found at the Daily Caller leads me to believe it likely is and not a photoshop) I think this is actually pretty important.

First, I’m a little surprised, given the state of sensitivity training over 15 years ago when I got out, that some sensitivity commisar hasn’t stomped out the morale of some serviceman over this.

Second, it shows a love for the president. Why? Because this isn’t just a cool word he said, but a flub. A serviceman is willing to take a president’s typo and use it as a rallying call. They’re willing to accept his mistakes that show him to be human.

Finally, can anyone out there imagine people stenciling a catchphrase of President Obama on their tanks?

Update: Someone pointed out that it’s feasible someone would use “hope and change” for a similar decoration, but no-one in their right mind would interpret that as anythiing but mockery. As in “Sir, we hope to change our targets into many small, fast-moving pieces…”