I've always enjoyed the mad geniuses at Black Rifle Coffee since I caught wind of them via a trailer for "Range 15". Then I got a note on their black Friday sale for swag and coffee, and featured prominently not only a tank and helicopter, but what appeared to be a Prius.

With a minigun on top.

Now, these guys are that special kind of crazy so part of me was "No way, that must be photoshopped" and part of me was "No way, that is awesome." So I checked.

Sure enough, they did it.

Among other steps:

Step 6: Bring all the pieces together to modify the gun and the car. Replace the gun’s hydraulic-fed system with an electrical-fed system, as well as electrical primers and new motors. At the same time, strip the entire interior of the car to handle the amount of kinetic energy put out by the weapon: new floor pan, roll cage, and mounting system for the roof, accidentally making the first Prius that someone might actually call “bad ass” in the process.


Step 8: Get a quote from General Dynamics for the ammunition. It costs $27 per round, meaning the gun will blow through $180,000 for one minute of sustained fire. Have small heart attack. Drink more coffee.


Step 10: Completely blow out the windshield due to overpressure. #mybad

Step 11: “Borrow” about 15 feet of leftover gym flooring from Mat Best’s new gym to roll up and put under the gun so you don’t blow out the windshield again. “I don’t want to Mad Max the vehicle; I want it to be street legal because I think that’s funnier.”

Step 11.5: Take time to think about how awesome it is that it’s even possible for a Vulcan-mounted Prius to be street legal.

Step 12: Wait for monsoon season so that you don’t contribute to any forest fires.

In either case, it's awesome.

Since I mentioned it earlier up, the trailer for Range 15 is here: