A Bit of Cyberpunk

A Bit of Cyberpunk

While I'm never not going to be a metal/rock guy, I took a long tour through trance, and other modern dance including the Cruxshadows end of darkwave, and more recently, The Midnight and other retrowave groups. As a result, I was overjoyed to stumble into Didact's recommendation of Scandroid. The first track he shows, "Empty Streets" has not only an excellent and evocative sound but a stylish 8-bit lyric video.

So, to follow on a theme, one of more recent listens has been a retro Darkwave artist by the name of Irving Force, and I've really come to like the album "God Mode"

Subterranean Formations


Send Him In

Street Mech

Violence Suppressor

Superhighway Incursion


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