While Stranger Things has accumulated accolades, and I sortof enjoyed it, it was mostly because it didn’t completely suck or immerse itself in liberal preachiness.

So if you want something even Stranger, and laugh-out-loud funny, maybe check out this freewheeling story of an inter-dimensional insurance agent, by Larry Correia. As the article at Superversive points out:

Chapter 2: “The Mediation”

The mediator is Chuck Norris. The awesome is hilarious, as is Baldwin’s impersonation of Norris. Just bask in the awesome.

Chapter 3: “Hell Comes to Nebraska”

This might be the best bit of the book. Not only because it blows up an SF convention, but because it stars Larry Correia and Wendell the Manatee as CFO of CorreiaTech, creator of the Combat Wombat. There are also legions of Hell invading Nebraska.

Then there’s the Balrog…


This is Larry Correia of the blog fisks, of “What About the Moon Ferrets.” Adam Baldwin is President (in our first dimension we visit), Lee Ermey is SecDef (ditto), call centers from hell, and liberal tropes – and a few geek ones – are not only roasted but nuked to the tune of millions of Bear Grylls* of damage.

Go and listen to the adventures of Tom Stranger, of Stranger and Stranger, as he endeavors to provide constantly excellent customer service.

  • The amount of lethality required to kill one Bear Grylls. A metric that is amazingly consistent throughout the multiverse.