I’m catching up on a few things after just finishing two books I really liked – The Dream of the Iron Dragon: An Alternate History Viking Epic by Robert Kroese, and the completion of John Ringo’s story of Chad on a mission from God in Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints.

Short version – get them.

So, politics aside, the next few entries will be some thoughts on the two books recently finished, and on two other stories, a movie and a TV/Book series, I effectively didn’t.

I really have not much to say on a cowboy-hat lady and badmouthing customers, with the usual “but she was only just” shenanigans after she got fired for being an ass to customers.It’s worth noting though that there are a couple assumptions built into these stories of getting upset at “mansplaining”.

One is that men don’t get the abuse, the criticism, challenges to their competence, and suggestions, helpful or merely “helpful”, when they post in public spaces. To hear our strongk woman tell it, only women get that, because they’re women.

Yeah, right.

Oh, and love Taleb.

N N Taleb put beautifully the sinister nature of all this diversity-mongering. “The more you institutionalise rules of ethical behavior that should be voluntary (say, anti-racism, anti-sexism), the more they will be used as a cover for unethical actions.” https://t.co/UsoYPSxMb5

— Nassim Nicholas Taleb (@nntaleb) July 3, 2018

His concept of “skin in the game” is a far more translatable way of what I have referred to as the need for authority and responsibility to match, with the added benefit of being a guide to how to deal with those who have none trying to impose authority or give advice. Realizing that someone doesn’t have to deal with the consequences of the advice they’re giving – though gamers are the ones paying to play your games if you’re a developer and not a glorified fluff text writer calling oneself a “developer” so they have at least a little – makes it very easy to remove one’s ego from analyzing it.

Why take it personal if they don’t have to create a product? Why not teach them the tradeoffs so that they better appreciate the choices made, so they’re a happier fan of the game, and better appreciate the work that went in? Why get upset at an opportunity to be of service, to display your competence? Or just let it run off if you don’t have time, but no need to take personal offence.

And hey, that suggestion? It may be a good idea. …

Steve Ditko is no longer with us. Razorfist has a good rant on him, and Brian an excerpt of Ditko tackling the culture wars.

God bless, all of you.