Don’t Talk to the Press

Crowder uses his own platform to take apart a journalist.

Ok – he is in media, and even here, with his own channel, the story the reporter wrote will still be out there, mostly uncorrected, and what the normies see.

Nevertheless, watching her twist the arguments is useful, as a reminder that SJWs always lie, as a reminder of how they lie and twist the truth, and a reminder to never, ever, talk to the press.

The shiv previewed at the very beginning goes deep.

Reporter: “Do you consider yourself a Journalist”

SC: “No…… Do you?”

R: “I don’t appreciate the sarcasm…”

Oh, and the question at the very end asking if she’s aware that Texas is a single party consent state for recording…. priceless.

And I do like this shirt:

The design is courtesy of youtuber Aydin Paladin – who’s presentations are long, somewhat pedantic, and very, very long on in-depth references to studies. She can be annoying at times, but there are occasionally useful insights.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Talk to the Press

  1. While the emissions of the scribbler from the Chronicle will linger on paper and on the web, fewer and fewer people are bothering with the legacy media. Boomers are still the likely audience. Gens X, Y, and Z are less likely to pay attention–a fallout of the post-literate society we live in today. Crowder then has a slight edge with these newer gens. And the growing unwillingness of people to accept the media whole cloth means we are seeing an actual erosion of their credibility that affects their bottom line. Doesn’t hurt when the God Emperor actually calls them out as Enemies of the People. Dee-licious!

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